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Walk through our collection of handpicked FAQs to seek resolution of the most commonly asked customer queries.

+Pre Sale Queries
Will Disk Optimizer Pro work on my computer?
Disk Optimizer Pro works on any computer system having the following general specifications.
Supported OS
Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP (32- & 64-bit versions)
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Pentium I, 32 MB RAM
Are there any conflicts between Disk Optimizer Pro and other programs on my computer?
No, there are no known conflicts between Disk Optimizer Pro and other applications. Disk Optimizer Pro undergoes stringent quality and compatibility testing before its final release to ensure there’s no complication with other programs.
+Ordering queries
Are my personal details secured if I order online?
Yes, your Credit Card information remains fully secured. We use 128-Bit SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of your data.
What are the various payment methods to order Disk Optimizer Pro?
You can order Disk Optimizer Pro using your Credit or Debit Card.
+Product related queries
Is Disk Optimizer Pro compatible with Windows 8?
It sure is. The latest version of Disk Optimizer Pro, which now comes with an all-new GUI, is compatible with Windows 8.1 along with all earlier versions of Windows operating system.
Do I need to register Disk Optimizer Pro again if I reinstall Windows?
Yes, you need to install the software again in case you reinstall Windows. However, you do not have to purchase any new license key(s) to register the software. The same license key will work again when you will register the software on the same computer.
+Registration and Licensing Queries
What is the validity of my license key??
The Disk Optimizer Pro license key is good for a period of 1 year from the date you purchased it. However, you can easily renew your license key (subscription) post expiration by contacting our sales representatives. Though we have flexible renewal options in place and various discount options are available for renewal at any given time, here's the standard renewal price:
1 year for $49.99
I have lost my license key, how can I retrieve it?
You can contact our 24x7 live chat representatives to seek help in this regard. As an alternate, you can submit your registered email ID to us using the options given on this support page and we will mail you your license key at earliest.
+Other Queries
How do I uninstall or remove Disk Optimizer Pro?
To completely remove Disk Optimizer Pro from your computer, follow the steps given below:
Using Windows Add/Remove Programs to remove Disk Optimizer Pro
1) Go to the Windows Control Panel.
2) Double-click "ADD/ REMOVE PROGRAMS" or "UNINSTALL A PROGRAM" (Windows 7 users).
3) Search for, and double-click on, the Disk Optimizer Pro listing.
4) Follow the on-screen prompts to completely remove Disk Optimizer Pro from your system.

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